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The tattoo craze that avoids the potential for regret!

April 20, 2019

The tattoo craze that avoids the potential for regret!

KittyTats - Try tattoosTattoos hold a hallowed place in cultures through the ages, as relevant and revered today as they were in ancient times, a timeless way to communicate, commemorate, and display your individuality as well as your culture, your history, your people, your story.

Arm tattoos

There’s no better place to rock your tatts that your guns! Full-length arm sleeve tattoos are an investment in your time, money and bodily real-estate - they require an intimate trust in your tattoo artist and a commitment to endure the pain required to make that permanent mark. A well-executed arm sleeve tattoo is the prefect way to express yourself, tailor the body you’re in, feel good and project your personality to the world.

It’s not uncommon to see all facets of society opting for large tattoos to build a visual narrative, such a commitment requires a greater need to have total confidence in the tattoo design you have chosen and the skill-set of your tattoo artist. Having a tattoo go off-course, on such a scale, can be a nightmare.

If only there was a way to trial run that tattoo masterpiece before taking the leap…

KittyTats - Awesome temporary tattoos

Deciding on the right tattoo for you

Approximately half of people between 18 and 35 have permanent tattoos, and, surprisingly, around one in four of them regret having a permanent tattoo. This “tattoo regret” is occasioned by a myriad of unexpected and sometimes shocking concerns raised. From ink complications, to infections, scarring, burns, toxin effects, chronic irritations among others.

By the time they hit their late 20's, roughly half of all men, and even more women, who get permanent tattoos, end up regretting their tats. This is according to a new tattoo survey by Casino.org.

Tackling a tattoo that’s just not you anymore can be a costly and painful affair. Correcting, concealing or removing a full-length arm sleeve tattoo is no small undertaking, making sure you get the right design, in the right location, first time, is so very important.

Arm sleeve temporary tattoos

KittyTats - Temporary tattoo warehouseKittyTats is the quick, inexpensive, non-permanent option for full-length arm sleeve temporary tattoos that rock! Explore designs, sizes, configuration, or just have fun!

KittyTats offer a huge selection of sizes and quality designs resulting in a unique product that last for days, not forever. Our modern temporary tattoos are the excellent alternative to permanent ink. Made from skin-safe materials and carefully selected for quality and design, easy to apply, and easy to remove.

It’s a sad fact that a growing proportion of tattooed folks, when asked, say they love tattoos; but are no longer satisfied with one or more of the tatts they have. Ink goes more than skin deep; it becomes part of you and your personality. Temporary alternatives are great way to become at ease with your decision.

Advantages of Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos involve no needles or damage to your body, zero pain and no healing process, this makes it an excellent option for those who are unable to endure the pain associated with permanent tattoos, or simply for the curious explorers.

Temporary tattoos typically last for several days and are easy to remove if needed, making them infinitely more flexible when moving from one design to another. Wake up and no longer jazzed with your sleeve? No problem, simply follow our handy “how to remove temporary tattoo guide” and whack on some fresh ink! No longer jazzed with your permanent ink? That’s a big eeep!

KittyTats - The perfect temporary tattoo solution

Cheap is expensive

If you want a tattoo now and don’t have the cash, the general advice is to WAIT, save your pennies and be patient. Select a quality artist, using quality materials that provide you with a unique design for a lifetime.

Risking your body on a cheap permanent option may result in exposing yourself to inexperienced or untrained personnel using substandard or unhygienic equipment on your most important possession, your body, your vessel for life.

The perfect temporary tattoo solution

KittyTats is the perfect solution for that quick fix tattoo, without the risks to your body and mind. Explore incredible designs at a great price, have fun, share with others, let your imagination take the drivers seat and reach peace of mind before taking the permanent tattoo leap!

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